Kaisa & Kimmo Pakkanen

Hello! We are Kaisa and Kimmo Pakkanen, living in Finland. We have had dogs since always.. our breeds are English Setters and Swedish Elkhounds. We use our dogs for hunting and showing. We breed swedish elkhounds under kennel name Pakkalan and our english setters are known from kennel name Cenhamn.

We live in Kontiolahti, Finland. It is in east of Finland, about 450km from the capital city Helsinki. We live near Joensuu's airport.

We have owned dogs since our childhood. Kaisa has had labrador retrievers since 1980'ies and Kimmo has own elkhounds from same time. Kaisa has own english setters from year 1995. Her most famoust english setter is maybe Ruudo (Marron's Aragorn at Cenhamn); blue belton male who Kaisa purchased from kennel Marron Canada in year 2002. Ruudo is behind many successful english setter around the world.

At this moment we have two english setter males at home: Ruudo's son Leo and USA import Jason. They are both used for hunting, showing and breeding. Kaisa is known also by her maiden name Partanen, change for her new name Pakkanen came in year 2010 when we got married. We have two children; boy and a girl.

About elkhounds and beardogs: we have three elkhound girls at home; grand old lady Jada and two younger ones, Halla and Jade.

We hope you enjoy your time in our website!